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Great Color and Texture

Anne’s choice of color for her fabric always gets to the heart of what she is depicting. Even more delightful and masterful are her choices of thread color and stitch pattern, which create depth and texture within each quilted piece. I find myself stepping back then getting very close to the pieces that hang on my walls: they always intrigue me.

Barred Owl
Your Landscape Workshop was Wonderful

Anne: I want to thank you for your wonderful Landscape Workshop that I took recently through our guild. I must admit I was a little intimidated by the process, but your assurance that I could do it, made me much more at ease. It was so much fun and I must admit a little addicting. I finished the top and then decided to put to use some of the techniques you had taught me in a Thread Painting workshop I took a few years ago. It was magic! I was so pleased with the end result. Your patience, expertise and step by step guidance was a tremendous help. 

You have definitely found your calling.

Barred Owl
Scenic Quilt for a Wedding Gift

Anne created a beautiful 11″ x 17″ quilted and stitched photo on fabric for a wedding gift that far exceeded my expectations. I supplied her with the photo and her border design and stitching tremendously enhanced the scenic photo of the couple’s outdoor wedding venue. Her eye for detail and sense of color are amazing! This was evident in her use of the slightest piece of red fabric to pick up on the red tractor in the distance. Adding that touch never would have occurred to me, but it added great depth and balance to the whole piece.

Barred Owl
Quilt Stopped Me in My Tracks

In August, 2017, I my attention was captured by a large quilt that was hanging in the window of Artists In Residence in St. Albans. It stopped me in my tracks as I was walking by. The piece is titled “Chin To Nose” and it depicts Mt. Mansfield from a perspective I am intimately familiar with. I have stood in the same spot, looking down the ridge on countless occasions. I went inside to inquire about the piece and, to my good fortune, Anne was working in the gallery that day.

We had a very pleasant conversation about the piece and her other work and in the end, I made the decision to purchase the piece after it had been displayed in the gallery. When I went to her gallery a few weeks later to finalize the purchase, I was drawn to another piece, “Horseshoe Pond” that she had just completed. I eventually purchased it as well, through the Emile Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, Vermont.

The work, care and love that went into each of these wonderful pieces of art is beyond amazing. They are exquisite and I am so grateful that I am able to have them in my home, in a place where I see them daily. Anne’s work has a mystical, lyrical quality to it that I have never seen before. Her work is evocative, emotional and crafted with amazing aesthetics and an attention to detail, form and style that captivates and amazes. I have two of her masterpieces, but they may not be my last acquisitions.

Barred Owl
Beautiful Quilts Bring Fond Memories

I own three of Anne’s art quilts and am thinking about which one to get next. Each quilt is unique, with colors and styles that are radiant and sophisticated. Two of the quilts were designed from photographs, capturing a fond memory of a ski adventure with friends and my fascination with orchids. They create joy and bring beauty to my home every day!

Joanna Cummings
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